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Don't trust your car's a/c system to just anyone. It will only cost you more in the long run.

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Note: Dave's Autocool, LLC. provides refrigerant identification services to shops without identifiers or identification means.
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Automotive airconditioning has become a very hot topic in this country during the last several years. Since Jan 1, 1995 the EPA has banned production of CFC-12, also known as, FREON 12. This ban has skyrocketed remaining R-12 refrigerant prices and current demand. An alternative refrigerant, 134A, has been manufactured and Airconditioning Certificatein use in newer vehicles since 1993. This refrigerant is more environmentally friendly than R-12 since it does not contain the ozone depleting chlorine molecule. Dave's Autocool, LLC. has complied with current EPA regulations stating that all airconditioning recovery equipment and the users of such equipment be certified and registered with the EPA. Dave's Autocool uses Robinair recovery and recycling equipment exclusively. A respected name in the industry for years, Robinair manufactures the most efficient automotive airconditioning equipment in the business. Dave's Autocool, LLC. is EPA certified

What does EPA certification mean?

The Environmental Protection Agency oversees the handling and use of refrigerants in this country. This currently means individuals who perform automotive airconditioning work must meet specific requirements set forth by EPA guidelines. Not only is individual certification necessary but all airconditioning recovery equipment must also be certified and meet stringent guidelines.

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